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"As a small organisation running on a tight budget in a niche area (CSR) it's not easy finding existing research, or funds to conduct a major study. But I am committed to keeping up with consumer trends that impact my clients, so Di Marzio's Omnibus survey has been a godsend. It's given me solid stats to back up gut feel, as well as being able to update pre-GFC stats. If you have a lingering question the Omnibus is a brilliant and cost effective way to get the answer."

Hailey Cavill
Founder and Director
Cavill + Co.

"Kim DiMarzio and DM Research were instrumental in clearly identifying our branding position in our key market areas. The information provided was not only timely, but also useful in assisting us to develop a clear strategic direction for communication and raising brand awareness. Their speed and professionalism to provide well researched data was critical in the assessment of our current brand reputation and enabled us to take strong steps to reposition ourselves in our local catchment areas."

Glenn Kruithoff
Former Director of Corporate Services
Flinders Christian Community College

"I have collaborated with Kim and Paul at Di Marzio Research on projects for Government and in the not for profit sector and have always found them to be professional but very easy to work with and deliver exactly to the brief. Kim and Paul have always succeeded in finding a solution to my research needs within the budget and timelines and are able to quickly understand and navigate any sensitivities of the issue and hit the ground running. Di Marzio Research are a pleasure to work with!"

Georgia Nicholls
Former CEO
Victorian Taxi Association


"We have partnered with Di Marzio Research on a number of major research projects, typically for clients in the government sector. They deliver useful insights and quality reports. We have always been impressed by Kim’s thinking, approach and expertise. He is flexible and responsive, and he and his team present their findings in a clear and compelling manner.

Di Marzio Research is a quality outfit and we look forward to continue working with them. "

Angela Scaffidi
Partner and Head of Change

“When in doubt, give the problem to Kim and Paul to sort out. Their professionalism, affordability and reliability makes Di Marzio first choice for me every time.”

Austin Begg
Traffic Pty Ltd

"The team at Di Marzio is all about substance.  What I love about working with them is that they focus on delivering rigorous simple insight without the fluff.  They are pragmatic in their recommendations and I always feel like they are representing our company as if it were their own.  I felt the work they did on our value proposition research was great value and delivered critical business insights.  They are the perfect research partner for us and I highly recommend them to any company who is looking for data and insights to help inform their business decisions."

Briony Cliffe
Retail Marketing Manager
McMillan Shakespeare Group

“I have had the pleasure of working with Di Marzio Research on a number of Market Research projects. Kim and his team are reliable, professional and deliver results on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kim to other people.”

Misti Neef
Marketing Manager
Brimbank Shopping Centre


“We have been working with Di Marzio Research since 2000. During this time they have always acted with integrity and professionalism on our market research projects. They are very responsive and reliable and provide insights we value to assist us in our marketing decision-making. When it comes to market research they are an integral part of our team.”

Daniella Santilli
Bathroom Business Manager

“As National Marketing & Business Development Manager at CPA Australia and later as General Manager Marketing & Business Development at the Law Institute of Victoria I worked closely with Di Marzio Research on a number of significant research projects. They could always be relied upon to deliver quality work of the highest standard. Because they understood our business they were able to provide valuable guidance and direction to assist with business strategy and decision-making. They are professionals who really know their stuff!"

Sue Noble
Former Director Member and Partner Engagement
IPAA Victoria

"SuperFriend has had the privilege of working with Kim and Paul over the last 12 months. Kim and Paul always have the best interests of SuperFriend and our Partners at the front of their minds and are very responsive and adaptive to changing needs.

What has been most valued is that Kim and Paul have provided recommendations that have enhanced the projects beyond our initial expectations. This has been indicative of the passion and genuine care they show for their work and clients."

Dr Nerida Joss
Former Insights and Impact Manager

Emma Dunstan
Former Program Manager

"Di Marzio Research has supported the Australasian Sonographers Association for over a decade to develop and undertake assessment of the employment issues faced by sonographers. Over the years their advice and expertise has been highly valued and enables us to gain significant industry insights. Their guidance on contemporary practice to achieve the best outcomes from one year to the next were invaluable."

Australasian Sonographers Association

"I've worked with Kim and Paul over a number of years at various times.

Di Marzio Research has every time been both thorough and careful in their collation/collection of research information and in their provision of accurate and properly constructed data files.

I'd have to say that it's always a pleasure doing business with them!"

Scott MacLean
Director - Data Science
Nulink Analytics

"The name Di Marzio has been synonymous with quality in Market Research since the days of the Worthington Di Marzio partnership of the 1990’s. I have had the pleasure of working with Kim since those days and have always appreciated his meticulous attention to detail and the thoughtful insights that he brought to any project he has been involved with.

Now with Paul Di Marzio joining the firm many new areas of specialisation have been adopted in particular in the areas of Online Research and the use of Social Media and that same dedication to quality research has been maintained. Between them they have embraced the modern methodologies employed by the Market Research industry as well as continuing with the more traditional methods practiced over the years utilising over three decades of experience with the industry and their understanding of client needs.

The loyalty of their client base speaks volumes with regard to the value their experience and knowledge brings to each and every project they undertake. I look forward to a long association with both Kim and Paul in the years ahead."

Brendan Pell
Director - Analytical Services

“Placing insightful and effective research meat onto the bone has been provided to STIHL by Kim Di Marzio for the past 10 years.”

Robert Ross
Former Marketing Manager

"The Di Marzio team are always reliable and easy to deal with. Kim is an expert with data and one of the most respected figures in the industry. The team has been quick to understand what we are trying to achieve and advise us on the most cost-effective approach to make it happen. We have benefited from the new ideas they have brought to the table which have seen our research reach more people and have a greater impact. Having used other research companies I can say that Di Marzio is without question the best value and most innovative research and strategy team I have dealt with."

Hugh Tobin
Former Senior Manager, Media & Communications

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Another Year of Christmas Cheer…OR IS IT?


Wow, another year has nearly passed us by and with Christmas on the horizon it was time to find out whether Australians continue to feel stressed about the silly season. According to the latest Christmas Stress Index (CSI*) score, it appears we are.

The CSI was originally developed by data scientists Nulink Analytics and has been conducted together with Di Marzio Research for the last five years. The CSI elicits a stress score based on eight attitudinal statements to determine the level of stress being experienced by Australians in the lead up to Christmas.

This year’s research was conducted a couple of weeks earlier than in the past which may explain why the overall CSI score of 51 was one of the lower scores recorded, however it remains in the ‘high stress’ category.

This year we undertook a detailed segmentation analysis revealing three distinct groups which we named…
1. Too much, too soon
2. It will be ok on the day
3. Go with the flow

The ‘too much, too soon’ segment is the largest group (comprising 38% of the sample) and it displays the highest levels of stress (CSI of 53.4).

Distinguishing demographic characteristics include 60% females, 42% Generation X and 76% couples with children at home.

Anxiety for them appears to stem from how quickly Christmas is approaching and the associated costs. For most (58%) Christmas is coming on much too fast this year’ (58%) and even more do not ‘feel like they have the costs associated with Christmas well under control this year’ (62%). More than four in ten (44%) are ‘worried about the expense of Christmas this year’.

The ‘It will be ok on the day’ segment is the least stressed with a CSI of 49. They appear relatively laid back about the occasion with most (68%) “not at all worried about Christmas and the Christmas season this year – it always seems to work out OK”. Costs aren’t as much of concern either with only 29% ‘worried about the expense of Christmas this year’ and half agree ‘they have the costs associated with Christmas well under control’. This group contains a higher incidence of males (58%) and older age demographics (73% baby boomers and 63% empty nesters). Dare we say that many leave much of Christmas up to the women in their lives.

Those who ‘Go with the flow’ resembled the overall average with a CSI score of 50. Here we find an even gender split and a younger age profile (66% in Generations Y or Z with 71% single, never married).

Hence families (particularly mothers) with young children and older parents emerge as the most stressed especially compared to those in the earlier and later life cycle stages.

Although this survey didn’t probe further to determine the specific causes, I asked two experienced researchers for their reactions.

According to Kim Di Marzio (Director of Di Marzio Research with nearly 40 years’ research experience and many Christmases under his belt)...

“For many people, Christmas is not something they look forward to in the same way as when they were children, teenagers or young adults without many responsibilities. In those more carefree days, Christmas represented the end of a year of commitments and obligations, and an opportunity to have fun, switch off and do things or go places that are the exception rather than the rule of their life. However, after those life cycle stages, Christmas tends to bring more pressures and responsibilities needing to be met with a deadline attached. This impacts their ability to associate Christmas with a time for relaxation, recharging and joy.”

Scott Maclean (Director of Nulink Analytics, into his fourth decade of working in research and having experienced even more Christmases) says…

“To me, the real stresses of Christmas are deciding who is going to ‘do’ the big lunch this year, where, and how are we going to get aged grandparents there and be able to look after them. The rest of it’s easy in comparison. But I certainly appreciate that’s not the same for everyone, hence (in part!) the original idea for the Index.”

Nevertheless, in the lead up to Christmas and throughout the day it’s important to keep in mind what it’s all about. An opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends over a good meal while reflecting on the year just gone, hopefully with plenty of laughs and cheers.

We we're pleased to have this article published as a feature in the latest edition of Research News by the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS).  You can find it here

Kim, Paul and Scott would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (hopefully without to much stress).


* The Christmas Stress Index was originally developed by Nulink Analytics in 2012, following anecdotal evidence that "things are not as they used to be" in the lead-up to the Christmas season.

Eight statements concerning attitudes to the Christmas season were devised, with responses being measured on a 5-point agree/disagree scale.

The index itself is computed as a weighted combination of the responses obtained and are rescaled as a score of 0 to 100. Four categories of stress were defined – low (25 or under), medium (26-49), high (50-74) or very high (75+).

Detailed analysis of the Index by different socio-economic and demographic sub-groups confirms its appropriateness as a reflection of underlying feelings regarding Christmas, and the stress associated with this time of the year.


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