A Researchers Call: Can we still reach certain people on a landline telephone?

Landline phone ownership changing

Ownership of landline telephones amongst Australian residents is changing mainly because of the increased prevelance of mobile phone usage.  This has significant implications for the market research industry, particularly because the Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) method is still quite commonly used for research.

Many projects seeking a random sample of Australians still seek participants by calling their landline telephone number to request an interview.  However it is becoming increasingly difficult to conduct research with certain segments of the population via this method.

In May 2011, Di Marzio Research included some questions about landline telephone ownership on its online omnibus study which sampled 1,200 Australians and found:

  • 18 per cent claimed they DO NOT have a fixed telephone line at home and this was more common amongst Generation Y respondents (30%),
  • A further 13 per cent who currently own and use a landline expect to disconnect it in the foreseeable future (most said within the next two years).

So within the next two years, quite a sizeable minority of the population won’t be contactable on a landline.

For those who are interested in learning more about this research and its implications, please contact Kim or Paul Di Marzio.