Di Marzio Research statement regarding COVID-19

Given the situation relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Australia and the levels of uncertainty throughout the community, we felt it’s important to provide you with some details to reassure you that our business operations will continue in a safe, effective manner.

As many of you will know, we are a family owned business which operates from home based offices.   We have two permanent staff (Kim and Paul) and all decisions about face to face interactions between us and clients will be discussed and an appropriate decision made between both parties.

We conducted a series of focus groups last week (10th and 11th March, 2020) and quite a few participants did not attend.  We are unsure of the reasons but feel the current situation may have had an impact.  In the short term future, we will likely recommend alternative approaches for any qualitative research needs such as telephone depths, Skype and online forums / communities.

As for business continuity, we are members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society, including the Independent Researchers Network (IRG).  This is a network of researchers who run small businesses and from time to time, we collaborate on projects. Please click on the link below which is a statement highlighting IRG’s collective response to COVID-19 and that we can draw upon this network in the case we are impacted.

Independent researchers response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Thanks as always for your continued support.


Paul & Kim Di Marzio