Go online to be social

Many Australians using social media
In our latest online omnibus study (conducted in February and March 2012), over three quarters (76%) of online Australians aged 18+ claimed they use or maintain a profile on at least one social media platform and 7% expect to join one in the foreseeable future. There hasn’t been a great deal of change in this incidence since May last year (72%) but we have learnt since then that those who use social media are accessing their account/s an average of 23 times per week.
Among the 76% using social media…
  • 71% have a Facebook profile (compared with 67% in May last year),
  • 25% are members of YouTube (c/w 24%)
  • 13% use Twitter (c/w 9%)
  • 11% on Linked In (c/w 8%)
  • 5% on My Space (no change)
  • 3% use Flickr (c/w 2%)
Social media is obviously a great way to communicate and connect so if you are interested to learn more about who is using social media and how, please contact Kim or Paul Di Marzio who would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.