Marketing challenges Gen Y business owners

As part of the Sensis Business Index conducted in March 2015, we included a series of questions about marketing which unearthed some interesting results.

One finding of particular interest was recently published in the Herald Sun (15th July, 2015) entitled ‘Generation Y’s marketing social stigma’.

It highlights that marketing is one of the major challenges faced by young business owners or managers with 51% aged under 30 claiming they spend no time marketing their business because they don’t have the time, funds or knowledge.

The article also reveals they lack understanding about how to use social media for marketing. This is backed up by findings from the 2015 Sensis Social Media report which found under 30’s are most active in the social media space (for personal use) but this does not translate across to business. Most (57%) businesses with a proprietor aged under 30 have a social media presence, but very few (8%) have developed a strategic plan for their business’ social media.

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