Smartphones becoming ubiquitous?

More and more ‘online’ Australians are using a smartphone, with substantial growth evident among females and now almost universal uptake in the younger generation.



Ownership among females was significantly lower in prior years but a sharp rise in uptake since August 2013 sees them on par with males.


Generation X and Y lead the way in terms of ownership but growth in the older generations (especially Baby Boomers) has been strong too.

Note: All results shown above are based on the following question which was tracked in our quarterly online omnibus (from May 2011 – March 2014).

“Do you personally own or use a smartphone? This is a mobile phone which offers advanced computing ability and connectivity such as an iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy or HTC Desire.”

This research highlights the rapid recent growth in popularity of this device but also underlines the changing nature of communication and interaction between people and organisations presenting various challenges and opportunities for marketers.

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