In 2022, Di Marzio Research was acquired by SenateSHJ. As part of the acquisition, Paul Di Marzio has accepted a role as Head of Research and will lead the newly established insights practice SenateSHJ Insights.  Kim Di Marzio will work alongside Paul as a consulting partner on a project to project basis.

SenateSHJ Insights offers an omnibus survey and details can be found on the SenateSHJ omnibus survey webpage. For all enquires, please contact Paul Di Marzio on [email protected] or 0401 626 509.

We offer a weekly omnibus service which provides a fast, reliable and very cost-efficient option for clients to meet different information needs.

What is an omnibus survey?

An omnibus survey is a method of quantitative marketing research where questions about a variety of subjects are asked in the same interview. It’s a cost effective research option because multiple clients share the cost of conducting the research.


Study Details



By State the following sample distribution is sought which is in line with the population. This includes a mix of Australians living in metropolitan and regional / rural locations:

Demographic Questions

The following demographics are collected at no extra cost to clients:


Living arrangement


Employment status


Household income


Costs range from $1,200-$1,500 + GST per question (depending on the question type and desired output i.e whether a data or interpretative report is required).


A minimum of 2 questions and maximum of 10 questions can be asked.


Costs allow for all or most people responding to the question(s) asked.


Standard demographics listed above are included.


We provide a data report with cross-tabulation of results (by gender, age and location) in PowerPoint plus an SPSS data file (if requested).

Timing and Provision of Results

Survey takes place weekly.


Questions must be finalised by 5pm Wednesday before fieldwork.


Inclusion of questions is subject to availability as each survey has a limited number of questions which can be asked in any given week.  The more notice provided the more likely the questions can be included.


Fieldwork takes place Friday – Monday.


Results will be available in tabulated form within one week of fieldwork ending (depending on number of open-ended questions requiring coding).


Verbatim responses to open-ended questions can be provided on request.


Interpretative reports can be supplied for a fee to be individually quoted.