Depth Interviews

This is another qualitative technique although sometimes can provide quantification too depending on the size of the target audience or if a relatively large number of interviews are conducted. Typically, the sample size is small however, and the tenor of the discussion is exploratory seeking insights and depth of feedback in the same manner as a focus group but on a one-to one basis although sometimes a couple may be interviewed.

Such interviews are recommended when it is believed that the participants would be more forthcoming about the topic in such an interview than a focus group or they fall into a segment which may be very difficult to recruit for a group. Examples are Medical Specialists, CEOs and Senior Managers. Another factor may be greater convenience for the participant if the interviewer goes to them and an increased likelihood of their participation as a result. However, such interviews can also be conducted by telephone or via Skype or Facetime as well as in person. We refer to these as Executive Interviews because they are only conducted by our Executives.