Online Surveys

Online surveys are a cost effective and efficient quantitative technique that can suit many project needs. For such surveys, we partner with a specialist online survey firm called DataPillar or use an online survey platform like Qualtrics. This allows us to script a questionnaire and produce a link for target respondents to click on and respond. The end-result is a professional, user-friendly survey questionnaire with the survey deployed by:

  • Sending it to a clients customer / stakeholder database, or
  • Using an online panel* to invite people from the audience of interest, or
  • Posting a link to a website or online forum

*Online panel companies recruit people to participate in surveys.  They voluntarily join the panel and receive an incentive for their time and participation (usually in the form of rewards points but some are credited small amounts of money).  Those panel members are profiled for useful demographic and behavioural clues which help target specific audiences.   We have used several online panel companies which we select according to target audience need and , reach as well as cost (per response).

Dynata, Cint, Pureprofile and Student Edge are four panel companies we have worked with most recently to source people for our online surveys.