The Conscious Consumer

Di Marzio Research has enjoyed an enduring and fruitful partnership with DoGoodologist Hailey Cavill-Jaspers.  Over two decades we have provided Hailey with compelling statistics to ensure her advice, to both non-profit and corporate clients, is current and reflective of consumer attitudes.

Our latest collaboration is The Conscious Consumer Report 2021 (launched on 29 October 2021). It features the bespoke research we conducted utilising our Omnibus service.  The research reveals that during lockdown Australians have become more concerned about social and environmental issues and are demanding that corporates not only address their impacts on society and the environment, but take action to make things better.

The report is free to download by clicking the following link:

BPR conscious consumer report 2021

You can also find more interesting research relating to the conscious consumer at

For more information, vox pops and a New Zealand report written for non-profits, please click on the image below